F-14A VF-126 31 "Tomcatsky"

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F-14A VF-126 31 "Tomcatsky"

F-14A VF-126 31 "Tomcatsky"

类型 - 涂装
作者 - Algherghezghez
日期 - 2021-04-16 14:33:06
F-14A VF-126 Aggressor Red 31 BUNO 159855

BUNO 159855 first agrressor livery in service with the VF-126 Navy aggressors imitating early Su-27 Paintschemes.

This is my own take at this amazing livery, special thanks to  _YaeSakura_ who allowed me to use his skin as  base. (I used it mostly for  camo pattern allignment and I used his markings as a reference)
here is the link of the original file

This is part of a number of NFWS and NSAWC F-14s That I'm doing. Should you find any errors or have any suggestion please let me know.

The package includes:

custom all red ACMI pod

custom cap-9 textures for the aim-9

custom training aim-7 and aim-54

custom helmet

Hope you like it!
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