Mirage 2000 profile for Streamdeck

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DCS: World 2.5
Mirage 2000 profile for Streamdeck

Mirage 2000 profile for Streamdeck

Автор - Blue_Storm
Дата - 10.04.2021 11:40:17
A profile for streamdeck to be used with the Mirage 2000C.

mostly complete and updated regularly (version uploaded here is 1.0 - works ONLY with DCS 2.7) check out version 0.81 on github for a 2.5.6 compatible version

check out https://github.com/b04rdr1d3r/M2KC-Streamdeck-profile-for-DCS-Interface for the latest version !

Mirage 2000C profile for use with DCS interface on a Stream Deck

what you need:

    the Mirage 2000C module by Razbam
    a streamdeck
    DCS Interface ==> https://github.com/charlestytler/streamdeck-dcs-interface
    DCS Interface requires DCS Exports Scripts (https://github.com/s-d-a/DCS-ExportScripts)
    DCS Export Scripts M-2000 module is not working properly, until this is corrected, you'll need to swap this my version with the one supplied by DCS Export Scipts (which is out of date and does not contain a couple of additional extensions that are needed)

Once you have all DCS Export Scripts and DCS Interface running, just upload the profile and off you go...
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