CASE III Training - F/A-18C, F-14A & F-14B - Supercarrier - Caucasus - SP/MP

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
CASE III Training - F/A-18C, F-14A & F-14B - Supercarrier - Caucasus - SP/MP

CASE III Training - F/A-18C, F-14A & F-14B - Supercarrier - Caucasus - SP/MP

Автор - sirrah
Дата - 04.01.2021 02:57
v1.2 (Jan 4th 2021)

A "simple" practice mission to increase your supercarrier CASE III recoveries.

- 3 Supercarriers
- 3 Tankers
- 45 F/A-18C client slots
- 20 F-14B client slots
- 15 F-14A client slots
- Various AI carrier traffic
All with different positions, heading, altitudes, fuel states, frequencies, TACAN/ICLS codes.. To keep you focused...

This mission might give you some more CASE III variety and challenge than the default CASE III mission that comes with the Supercarrier module. It'll also force you to use and rely on your cockpit instruments.

Mission duration: As long as you want
Mission difficulty: Well.. It's CASE III, so...
Mission category: Both MP & SP
No user MOD's required
Supercarrier required

If you're not familiar with CASE III procedures, I recommend to use "Supercarrier Reference Kneeboards" by GTFreeFlyer (also here in the user files section)

(maybe when Marianas is released I can fit in the fourth Supercarrier, for even more variety)


Choose any of the 45 client slots and you'll spawn mid air at approximately 50nm from any of the three carrier groups. Use instrument navigation to find the nearest carrier and follow the correct procedures . Upon entering a client slot, you'll see a short message to tell you which carrier group you are closest to.

(Make sure to check your fuel state once you chose a slot, as you might want to AAR before starting the CASE III procedure)


CVN - 72X - 126.5MHz - ICLS 12
SHELL - 3Y - 249MHz


CVN - 75X - 132.5MHz - ICLS 15
TEXACO - 21Y 253MHz


CVN - 71X - 130.5MHz - ICLS 11
ARCO - 36Y - 250.5MHz

v1.1 - Corrected ICLS issue with CVN71 and CVN75 - Changed CVN72 frequency to 126.5MHz - Tweaked fuel states a little bit - Added 20x F-14B slots
v1.2 - Added F-14A client slots - added kneeboard (frequency page) - corrected briefing text
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