Syria - Rouge faction

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper

Syria - Rouge faction

Автор - laserjarle
Дата - 22.08.2020 12:54
Bombing run on a rouge Syrian faction giving aid to ISIS.

This is my first attempt at a mission. Feedback is welcome

A rouge faction within the Syrian armed forces are staging a coup, and supporting ISIS with fuel and arms at a Syrian helicopter base. There are also roumors of high ranking officers in SyAAF and SyADF that ar loyal to the rouge faction, so air and ground threats could be precent.

Syrian forces are aware of the situation, but are unable to take action due to lack of resources, and have said they will not intervene if NATO forces enter Syrian airspace. ROE states to not engage until fired upon.

Norwegian and US forces are in the area on a NATO training exercise and have been tasked with responding to the situation.
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