F-15C Black Ejection Seat

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DCS: World 2.5
F-15C Black Ejection Seat

F-15C Black Ejection Seat

Тип - Текстура
Автор - bernieleebhl
Дата - 03.07.2020 05:04
This is a mod to upgrade your current eagles to the USAF specs. As of now, all the current serving eagles in USAF inventory has black ejection seat.

Move file to your current skin folder, copy the below code to your 'description' file within the skin folder.

{"f15_aces2", 0 ,"AcesII_eject_seat_black",false};

You must have a current skin folder for F-15C either in Bazar/Liveries or in CoreMods/Liveries with description file to install.
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