F-15C Eagle RoughMet

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DCS: World 2.5
F-15C Eagle RoughMet

F-15C Eagle RoughMet

Тип - Текстура
Автор - Texac
Дата - 31.05.2020 12:20
RoughMet Textures for the F-15C Eagle.

Included are 2 versions:
- F-15C Eagle Air Superiority RoughMet
- F-15C Eagle Standard RoughMet (without Air Sup. highlights)

Manual Installation:
Extract the F-15C Eagle RoughMet.zip

Choose between the 2 versions. Only 1 can be installed at a time.

Open your DCS World 2.5 folder, go to:

- Bazar/Textures/f-15
- Bazar/World/textures/A-10

Copy/paste all the texture files into their correct folders.

JSGME Installation:
Extract the F-15C Eagle RoughMet.zip, choose between the 2 versions and copy/drag it into JSGME.

- Added glass RoughMet texture
- Added more details to cockpit and airframe textures

- Added the second version "Standard RoughMet" without Air Superiority highlights
- Improvements to all textures
- Added a matt nose cone to the Standard version
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