Yak-52 TM MFD Cougar Template.

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Yak-52 TM MFD Cougar Template.

Yak-52 TM MFD Cougar Template.

Тип - Документ
Автор - Sydy
Дата - 21.11.2018 09:19
This is the template I use to fly with Yak-52.

MFD COUGAR Templates Series!

This is the template I use to fly with F/A-18C. I do not have a screen under it. If you use a screen under your MFD Cougar, this template is useless.

For the planes with their own DDIs or MFDs, like F/A-18C or the Harrier, the funcions are used pressing a Modifier, in my case, the Button 4 on my TM Warthog Hotas Joystick. For the planes without a DDI or MFD, I use direct function and, sometimes, even the modifier to add a second function to the same MFD button.

Print the PDF in an A-4 format and/or scale your printer to fit in your MFD Cougar. My printer is an Epson L395. Cut it on the red line and it will be perfect in your MFD.

Good luck and Good Hunting.

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