Macross Delta Liveries for M-2000C (Update)

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DCS: World 2.5
Macross Delta Liveries for M-2000C (Update)

Macross Delta Liveries for M-2000C (Update)

Tipo - Livrea
Autore - Se7en50
Data - 19.02.2021 01:38:31
I've recreated the SV-262Hs livery from Macross Delta for the M-2000C.

This livery pack contains four sets of liveries for the M-2000C. I've also removed the "armee de l'air" from the tail-flash for all liveries.
SV-262Hs (based on Macross Delta):
Keith Aero (Purple and Gold trim)
Roid Brehm (White and Gold trim)

SV-262Hs (using original camo design)
**Light Blue Camo
**Desert Camo

Hope you all enjoy!

Fun Fact: The SV-262Hs airframe design was based on the real-life SAAB J35 Draken.
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