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DCS: World 1.5
Seen and unseen

Seen and unseen

Autore - il_corleone
Data - 31.12.2015 11:51
Intercept the enemy bomber in the darkest and coldest night of the year

31 of December of 1986

20:00:00 PM

Heavy clouds
Low visibility

-3º Degrees Celsius

10m 2 m/s 47º
2000m 3 m/s 69º
8000m 4 m/s 74º

A Recon soviet bomber is doing a recon alongside the frontline, a Mirage plane will intercept the bomber

Task of Blackjack (Player)

Hello sir! it is a cold afternoon! everybody is getting ready for the new,s year

The wheater is very bad, low visibility and lots of snow! .

The soviets only have their 50% of the PVO forces operative this night, this is a nice chance to bring one of his bombers down!

Your task is to take off at 20:02:00 from Kutaisi and go to the Wp 2, Loiter there at 10.000m and wait the bomber to come.
An spy on the soviet side will advice you on via radio, the already have the Flightplan and is your WP2, a conflictive border zone
When you receive the notification, take down the bomber and RTB as fast as you can! the enemy will send intercept flights!

The Wp3 has Short range sams to cover your retreat(Useless above 5.000m) to the Wp4, Tbilisi.

A flight of USN F14 will come to cover your retreat from heading 105º when you take out the bomber.

Expect enemy SAMS at the other side of the border, do not penetrate more than 50km
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