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Open Beta changelog

DCS World

Crash on Server Stop - fixed.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Mirror toggles now correctly on/off with keyboard or joystick button when the option is set to OFF in the game UI. Previously it was only working correctly when using clickable cockpit.
  • Added default key combination for Trigger Safety Catch UNLOCK, Trigger Safety Catch LOCK, Stores Release Guard OPEN and Stores Release Guard CLOSE of front cockpit for both C-101EB and C-101CC.
  • Fixed C-101EB-Nevada-takeoff mission. There should be no AI mid-air collision.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED

  • Possible fix for crash in CLC.
  • Laser Maverick does not see Laser spot on a building - fixed.

DCS Yak-52 by ED

  • Merged Reverted trim descriptions for Yak-52 in localization (RU).

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • Updated Russian manual (Quick Start part added).

DCS F-5E Tiger II by ED

  • RWR buttons not properly lit - fixed.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • Complete lighting overhaul and readjustment.
  • Fixed annunciator lights not being visible.
  • Fixed green dot showing in HUD.
  • Tweaked flood light intensity.
  • Tweaked value of remaining daylight required to spawn with cockpit lights on - will be generally later in the day now.
  • Fixed vertical panels not changing light intensity in sync with other panels.
  • Changed red flood lights to dim per default when spawning at dusk or night.
  • HSD, ECMD and TID brightness start with lower values when spawning at dusk or night.
  • Fixed Lantirn panel lights appearing without the Lantirn stick being visible.
  • Fixed exterior lighting bugs.
  • Tweaked canopy glass cockpit and exterior.
  • Fixed Jester infinite input loop during TWS-A.
  • Added possibility to load 10 Mk20 Rockeyes. Note: MAK-79 is still WIP and not visible atm.
  • Finished Kneel Switch solenoid behavior.
  • Minor tweaks to flaps overspeed/overG and flaps jamming.
  • Tweaked asymmetric flap roll.
  • Adjusted fine trim single step intensity (trim should be more precise now).
  • Known issue: ACM Panel SW Cool, Gun rate, Missile Prep and Missile Mode lights do not change intensity with ACM panel lighting intensity setting - WIP.