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OV-10A Tip of the Spear

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Fecha - 15.10.2022 21:30:19
This is a simple mission to pit your OV-10A skills against a live fire enemy. This mission uses the VMO-86 "eighty-Sixers" OV-10A skin but will default to a basic skin if you don't have it installed. The skin can be found in the DCS World User files. See description in details.

Time: 0930
Location: Groom Lake Airbase
Task:Destroy Enemy Desert Base

Target: Satellite recon images have identified an enemy desert encampment and vehicles located on the east side of the ridge northeast of your airbase.  After takeoff turn and fly a heading of 045 degrees and watch for spotter red smoke marking the target area.

Use your rockets and gun to destroy the enemy encampment. There are defensive vehicles on site.

Return to base and land.
Tacan Ch 18X
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