Wolfpack Vintage F-16 Desert

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F-16C Viper

Wolfpack Vintage F-16 Desert

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Wolfpack Vintage F-16 Desert (old logo)

If you are an older crusty virtual pilot who is just looking for some cool guys to fly and learn virtual planes with then Wolf Pack is the place for you. Our only rule is this, respect one another. 80% of the pack are old vets who are a few shades of not quite right.

-Servers:  Wolf Pack has 12 servers up and running DCS 2.7 Open Beta. Our servers are split up into Jets, Warbirds, and Missions/era (Cold war planes).  Search "Wolf Pack US" to find our servers.  If you have a particular request, post it in our discord and we'll do our best to accommodate.

-Dedicated Missions: Mission nights are Tuesday and Thursday nights @9:30PM EST. No training is required to join and no stress if your main game is playing lawn darts with aircraft.

-WWII: We have three WW2 servers up 24/7 running dedicated dynamic missions on Normandy, The Channel, and Marianas. Discord mission nights are reserved for Saturday 8:30pm EST but your likely to find someone to fly with any day/night of the week.

-Training: If you want help on a particular aircraft or tactic, post it to our training request channel in discord and one of our many experts will assist you.  If you are an expert, feel free to assist others.

-If you are into competitive PvP come check out our group of virtual pilots that are dedicated to learning all aspects of the competitive PvP arena.

We are a DCS community, not a Squadron.  We are just a group of guys who like flying planes with cool dudes/dudettes. Come check us out. If you like what we are about then your search is over. If you are learning, we can help with that. If we can’t teach you then we will learn with you.  https://discord.gg/MwJQDAk
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