Through The Inferno (Mariana Islands) - Dynamic and Endless Task-Based Mission

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DCS World 2.8

Through The Inferno (Mariana Islands) - Dynamic and Endless Task-Based Mission

subido por - deadlyfishes
Fecha - 01.07.2021 19:16:38
Through The Inferno (Dynamic PvE) by deadlyfishes is an endless, dynamic, and open-world PvE experience for DCS World.
All DCS aircraft are flyable with a dynamic mission spawning and tasking menu.
All missions are dynamically generated with random enemy unit groups for all mission types.
Choose between several eras of aerial combat operations to enjoy any and all available DCS modules!

Available missions include; Air, ground, sea, convoy hunts, and helo attack missions.

All aspects of this dynamic/endless mission can be configured:
- Change missions to auto-spawn or manual spawn
- Adjustable enemy unit types
- Change the time dynamically between A2A spawns
- Amazing "Zeus" functions where you can spawn units using map markers!
- AIRBOSS Carrier Ops Script Options
- Fully alive and living world with dynamic AI, Highly customizable AI Civilian/Military AIR Traffic/Carrier Ops
- Much more! Detailed guides available!


Current Version: v2.4.9f - March 17, 2024

DCS Multi-Threading (MT) Compatible!

TTI Singleplayer Missions Changelog:

Many options such as mission era/time period, available mission types, random air traffic, enemy spawn types, enemy spawning pools, AI liveries, and many more options are highly customizable and can easily be configured.

Through The Inferno is a highly immersive experience that features a very much alive air operations combat theater with customizable dynamic AI action; Troop transports, civil and military aircraft performing automated patrols, carrier operations and much more.

TTI is highly customizable and features a wide variety of in-mission tools, utilities, spawning menus, mission intel reports, and much more via the F10 - Other radio menu.
Shape the mission to be your ideal air combat operations experience to be as calm or intense as you want.
For a complete in-depth guide on customizing mission settings and how to use the many mission tools, scripts, utilities and menus please check out our tutorial library, which is always being upd ated.


Official Through The Inferno website:

Need technical support? Have any suggestions? Want to join awesome group of DCS pilots?  Then join our Through The Inferno Community Discord!

Support Through The Inferno via Patreon:

Modules and add-on compatibility:

All DCS modules, both fixed and rotary wing are available to fly and operate in TTI. Since the mission era/time period can be changed as desired, this gives any and all modules a compatible mission combat environment.

WW2 Asset Pack is optionally supported. If you own the WW2 Asset Pack, you can enable these units to fully experience and utilize them however you'd like.

You can optionally add your own client slots for co-op, they can be modded add-on aircraft as well. Please read our guides for more detail.


Quick Mission Start Guide:

All custom menu interactions are found in the F10 - Other Menu.
Use your COMMUNICATIONS MENU button to find the tasking menus. (Usually bound to your \ key ).
In some airframes like the F/A-18C, the aircraft may have a different key binding to open the communications menu.

The waypoint of active missions are noted in the intel reports in your F10 Other Menu.


Waypoints for missions are available for:
F/A-18C, AV-8B, A-10C, JF-17, F-16C, M-2000C

You can see available/active missions on the F10 Map via markers, even if you have enemy AI on the F10 map disabled.

TACAN and Frequencies:

Available via custom kneeboard and dynamic aircraft kneeboards (F/A-18C and others):
CUSTOM KNEEBOARD WITH A LIST OF TACANS/FREQUENCIES IS AVAILABLE! Usually, you can pull up the kneeboard with K or Shift-K. Use [ to navigate BACKWARDS to find the custom page(s). If those are not the controls for your kneeboard, check your control settings and search for "kneeboard"
Info boxes, drawn routes will appear on the F10 Map if enabled. This can optionally be disabled in the mission settings.

Available and viewable on the F10 Map:
Info box panels will have important tanker, carrier and frequencies available.


Mission Types:

Air to Air - Spawns a dynamically created enemy element flight. Choose between different difficulties. NOTE: These missions can infinitely stack, but an option is available to prevent stacking of forced air to air missions in the mission settings. It is advised to spawn one at a time, and only spawn new A2A missions when one is complete.

Air to Ground  - The mission will dynamically generate ground targets in a random location. There are several difficulties to choose from:

HARD - SAMs may be present.
EASY (Multirole) - No SAMs will be present.
SEAD - Mostly SAMs will be present.
Helo - These missions will spawn closer to the home base.
Helo Infantry Assault - These missions are designed for dropping off troops and/or utilizing gunship helos.
Anti-Ship - This will spawn a group of enemy ships.
Convoy Hunt - Hunt down moving enemy ground vehicle convoys.

Mission WPT Label definitions (the labels that appear on your HSI/planning tools in-aircraft)

MR - Multirole/A2G Easy
AG - A2G Hard
AGH - A2G Helo/Infantry

Labeled same as mission zones in mission editor.

Random/Ambient Events:

- Random enemy A2A groups will spawn from time to time. This can optionally be configured and/or disabled in the mission settings.

- Random enemy vehicle or troop reinforcments might show up at active ground missions at random times. This can optionally be configured and/or disabled in the mission settings.

- Random air traffic for both friendly and enemy airbases will do random routes and patrols if this feature is enabled.

TTI: Eras of War - Experience the vast world of aerial combat operations past and present by selecting your desired conflict time period.
The mission experience will automatically generate suitable ground, air and sea missions based on your mission era selection without the need of loading a separate mission file!
Current Mission Eras include: World War 2, Korean War, Cold War and Modern. Unit spawns are still editable!

Mission attributes such as setting how many ground units and ground unit type at missions and many other options are now editable in the mission editor! Check the tutorial text file how to go about editing the mission settings and what each setting does!

Modern: Modern era sea, ground and air units will spawn at missions. All friendly time period specific logistics such as tankers, carriers, troop helicopters will be available.

Cold War: Cold War era sea, ground and air units will spawn at missions. All friendly time period specific logistics such as tankers, carriers, troop helicopters will be available.

Korean War: Korean War era sea, ground and air units will spawn at missions. All friendly logistics such as tankers, carriers, troop helicopters will not be available.

World War 2: World War 2 era sea, ground and air units will spawn at missions. All friendly logistics such as tankers, carriers, troop helicopters will not be available.
World War 2 Asset Pack Module: - This will ins ert the additional paid WW2 Asset Pack units in to all mission types when enabled for either Korean War or World War 2

F10 Other Menus and available scripts/utilities (Quick Reference Guide):
Reminder there are specific guides availabe for EVERY feature in TTI via our documentation folder on Google Drive

Mission Spawning Menu
- Force spawn ground missions
- Force spawn enemy aircraft to engage with
- Force spawn friendly combat air patrol backup via airfield or carriers

Navigation Tools
- ATIS Menu and ATIS broadcasts (when enabled, and when not in FC3 aircraft)

Intel Tools
- Get detailed info on active missions
- Show reports from AFAC/JTAC drones that designate targets
- EWRS: Get AWACS reports via text-pop up to locate enemy aircraft

Random Air Traffic
- Force spawn random air traffic if desired
- Add Military and/or Civilian Aircraft mod aircraft with the optionally installed expansion scripts, included with TTI zip download.

Zeus Real-Time Spawning System:
- Spawn in assets at-will while in-game on the F10 Map using map markers

AI Helo-Troop Transport Script
- AI will send a troop transport to attack a nearby mission. You can configure AI troop transport options in the mission settings.
- CTLD Extract/Pickup DOES WORK with these troops!
- You can initiate a troop transport to deploy on ANY point on the map with the Zeus system.

***Third Party Scripts***
Helicopter Ops and Logistics Transport by ciribob
- CTLD Script (Build air defenses, transport troops and more!)
Realistic sling loading can be changed via the menu or in the mission settings.
- CSAR Script (Combat Search and Rescue)

Smoke Colors for CTLD and CSAR guide
ORANGE SMOKE: Ground Target AREA (deploys via F10 Other Menu)
RED SMOKE: Marked target by JTAC, lased as well. - Use JTAC status in F10 Other Menu for the laser code
WHITE SMOKE: CTLD Troop Pickup Zone (can be turned off in the mission settings)
BLUE SMOKE: Friendly drop off site or downed pilot pickup site.

Carrier Ops Tools
- Airboss Script
- Carrier Deck Static Assets Menu (Spawn statics for an immersive look and feel on the carrier deck)

Mission Enhancer Package by daemon1808
- Allows you to enhance an existing mission giving you the ability to request support assets in a immersive way during the mission.
- You can request SEAD missions, Buddy lase, Recon target area, etc easily through the F10 radio menu and the F10 map.

Regarding hosting this mission as a multiplayer server;

This mission is originally designed and intended for SINGLEPLAYER use only. There will be many issues and bugs that arise when you se t this mission up in a multiplayer setting. However, I do see the viability of this mission being used in a small private co-op setting, which does require you to host the mission online in some way.

I kindly ask that you keep it private either by password protecting or hiding it from the public server list when you host this mission. I also ask that you let me know if you wish to do so.

Thank you!
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