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DCS: World 2.5
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'Strike Fighter' - F-14 mod

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Fecha - 18.03.2019 22:30:39

CSG has been tasked with strikes on high-value targets at SHIRAZ airbase.

Strike package will fight their way to the AO and destroy the targets.

ENFIELD FLIGHT (2 x F-14B) is to clear the airspace of hostile fighters and take up TARCAP east of the target until the strike package is clear.

Strike package (COLT FLIGHT - 2 x F/A-18C) will attack the objective. SEAD element (CHEVY FLIGHT- 2 x F/A-18C) will suppress SA-6 SAMs in the area.

AWACs and tanker support is available.

This F-14B fighter sweep mission is a modification of my 'F/A-18C : Strike Fighter (Full Mission)' which is in turn a modification of Wags' "Hornet Mission of the Week". Historically, F-14s were uninvolved with the famous Desert Storm MiG kill - this mission imagines a different scenario.

Mission includes a carrier start, additional briefing docs and kneeboard, additional ambient radio messages, and a threat revision.

This mission requires the Persian Gulf map (and the F-14).

Do let me know of any comments here or via private message - thanks for playing!
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