"Master Yoda" F/A-18C by Cutlass72

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

"Master Yoda" F/A-18C by Cutlass72

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subido por - Cutlass72
Fecha - 01.02.2019 22:45:05
My take on a Star Wars themed F/A-18C

Started by a comment from Shiftiemover on his Twitch channel. Initially just to use Master Yoda on the tail and the formation light to become his light sabre. After some initial skinning, I went for a more X-Wing like style.

Your Co-Pilot will be R2D2, who is positioned on the Airbrake.

Thanks to Shiftie, Owl-SPC8, Auntystatic and their viewers for their input and feedback.

Hope you like it.

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