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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Operation: Chokepoint

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Fecha - 27.11.2018 14:28:21
*Requires the A-4E Community mod

GENERAL ALERT: One of our frigates has been hit and severely damaged by a Silkworm missile fired from Qeshm Island! Assemble a strike force and wipe out all of the launchers!

OPTION 1: Fly as part of a large US/AUS package (F/A-18, AV-8B and A-4)
OPTION 2: Fly as part of the smaller French/Swedish package (AJS-37 and Mirage 2000)
OPTION 3: Fend off either package as a part of the Iranian Air force (MiG-21, F-5 and eventually the F-14).

BLUEFOR packages must stay low to avoid early detection. Once detected, Iran will scramble everything it has to defend the islands. Qehsm Island has layered defences- good luck!

*Requires the A-4E Community mod

MODULES: A-4E, F/A-18C, AJS-37, Mirage 2000C, AV-8B, MiG-21bis, F-5E and F-15
LEARNING OUTCOMES: Flight coordination, wave-top flight, SEAD, pop-up attacks and navigation.
SITUATION: The Royal Australian Navy Frigate "Mount Druitt" has been hit by two Silkworm missiles fired from Qeshm Island. It is limping to the sheltering bays and coves North of Khasab, escorted by the Frigate "Albury-Wodonga". We believe these were fired by a rogue commander. You chaps are tasked with taking out those launchers and destroying as much infrastructure on the island before the Iranians can hide and fortify.
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