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DCS: World 1.5
AJS-37 Viggen

Dock Strike

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Fecha - 01.04.2017 21:10:20
Multiplayer/multi-aircraft mission built around AJS-37 Viggen anti-ship mission along with dock strike, asset extraction and other tasks.

Primary Mission Tasks and Available Aircraft
     Dock Strike
          1 or 2X Ka-50 Black Shark
          1 or 2X SA342M Gazelle
     Anti-ship Strike
          1 or 2X AJS-37 Viggen (Rb-15 load)
     Asset Extraction
          1 or 2X UH-1H Huey    
          1 or 2X Mi8-MTV2 Hip

Supporting Aircraft (optional to primary mission tasks)
     Primary CAS
          1 or 2X A-10C Warthog
          1 or 2X Su-25T Frogfoot
     Secondary anti-ship/CAS flight
          1 or 2X AJS-37 Viggen (Rb-75 load)
          2X F-15C Eagle
          2X 2000C Mirage
          1 or 2X Su-25T Frogfoot

A narrated mission brief is included in the download zip file.

The area around Gelendzhik has been demilitarized and very peaceful for some time.  Even the airbase had been turned over to civilian use and all military hardware moved out of the area.  Nevertheless, given past history this zone has been kept under constant observation.

Recently, satellite surveillance has picked up an unusual amount of cargo activity at the southeastern docks in the bay surrounded by the city of Gelendzhik.  In addition, we have picked up some suspicious SIGINT.  All of this led us to insert an asset to inspect offloaded cargo containers and report on their contents.  Our concerns have been validated—the containers hold munitions, military hardware spare parts and other essentials for what can only be a planned action by the enemy.

In addition to the offloaded cargo on the dock, another convoy of container ships is on the way.  We strongly suspect this new activity will lead to a re-militarization of the area and, quite possibly, a reinstatement of Gelendzhik as a military airbase.  None of that can be allowed to happen.  While area defenses are still very light, the time to strike is now.

An immediate strike has been authorized to take out the convoy and destroy the cargo containers already on the docks.  While these actions are taking place, we will also extract our asset.

Narrated mission brief on YouTube:

Mission discussion thread on forum:

This mission makes use of custom skins by Home Fries.  They can be downloaded here:

AJS-37 VA-75 Sunday Punchers:
Su-25T VA-72 Blue Hawks:
Ka-50 HMLA-169 Vipers:
SA342 HMLA-169 Vipers:
UH-1 HMLA-169 Vipers:

And the following skins by nhenley85
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