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DCS: World 1.5

British Player voice pack

Tipo - Audio
subido por - Cpt_Tangerine
Fecha - 25.01.2017 14:50:38
This is a voice pack giving the player a British voice.

This pack contains a British Player voice for the Common sounds in DCS.  This means

that when you install this mod it will overwrite the Player voice for all of the

modules that use the Common voice path. I highly recommend that you back up the

original Player voice folder before you install this.  I hope that this will provide

greater immersion for players flying the Spitfire, but it may not feel very genuine if

you are flying a Huey and you may want to replace this pack with the original.

Please bear in mind that the ATC module is exactly the same voice, just with a little

static in there to simulate transmission instead of merely getting feedback from mic to

headset for the Player, therefore if you use the ATC pack and the Player pack at the

same time it's going to sound a lot like the pilot is talking to himself.  

To install this pack simply navigate to:

[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Sounds\Speech\Sound\ENG\Common

Paste the ATC folder there.  This will overwrite the default ATC folder.  It's that


This pack will be overwritten with the default sounds whenever there is a DCS Patch and

will have to be re-installed.
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