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Santa's Helper

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It's Christmas Eve and Santa's sleigh has been shot down by a Grinch squad surface to air missile north of Anapa.  His cargo was Christmas presents for all the Russian airbases in the area.  Santa has been medevaced and a snow storm is moving in, but those presents still need to be delivered.

A single player heavy transport mission (internal not sling-load) in a combat environment during adverse weather conditions, with a Christmas theme.  Navigate using the ARC-UD and ARC-9 radios, refuel enroute, have your door gunner at the ready, and save Christmas!  *Updated for DCS ver 2.5x 12/2019.

Your Mission:  Pick up the presents (3000 kg internal cargo) from the crash site, and deliver them to Krymsk, Krasnodar, and Maykop airbases.  Grinch squad is active in the area.  You have 2 gun pods attached in case you want to shoot something, but it's not required.  Your allies will take care of the bad guys at each encounter eventually.  You will be landing at 2 different airfields enroute so you can rearm then if you need too.  The best part is, you get a cookie at the end!

Fully voiced.  Jazzy Christmas tunes included, and a little humor.  Total mission time approx 2 hours (or longer if you decide to go see the King).

*Installation instructions:  Download and place the file in C:/users/(username)/Saved Games/DCS/Missions

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