Unchain Rudder from Trim in the Ka-50

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Unchain Rudder from Trim in the Ka-50

Tipo - Mod
subido por - PeterP
Fecha - 21.09.2012 07:47:45
Unchain Rudder from Trim Ka-50  - DCS world

-all test are made in DCS World 1.2.6-

This implements a new trimmer logic for the Ka-50.
So you don't need to recentre the rudder after you have released the Trimmer.
You just have to move your rudders a little tiny bit to get to your old rudder position.

You need to unchek "central position trimmer mode " inside DCS to make it work.
See "non-ffbusers.jpg"

(BTW: this mod is JSGME compatible)

Manual Installation:

Copy the content of the
"Unchain Rudder from Trim Ka-50 DCS World" folder into the same folder of your DCS World install and allow to overwrite.
Example path:
H:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\


Un-installation :

Use the Backup folder to revert back to the default (and false) behaviour.

Please read here for a detailed explanation  >> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=40624


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