Operation Bottleneck

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Operation Bottleneck

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Fecha - 03.07.2016 20:07:34
A small mission that includes you shooting down some f-5s. It is quite easy if you listen...

-The cockpit is open and the Major is talking to you-

"Sargeant, we have had intelligence from the GCI in the hills to the north of the front lines tell us that there are 2 f5s coming towards it. It is your duty to destroy these planes and save the lives of our men in Grebeshok. If you take them out there is more than likely some hostile helis that need taking out aswell. You will be given instructions on Radio channel 0 by the AWACS on the f5s positions.

As soon as you take off turn to the right and you will see some tracers flying about, that is the front lines. Get there as soon as possible.

Good luck, pilot"

Major has just told me to go get the f5s that are heading for the front lines. I think I should keep to the sea or the hills to avoid any AAA or SAMS. Also, I shouldn't get any further east as there is the BlueFor base which will certainly have some large missiles.

From what we know, the f5s will be carrying only heat seekers. I should use the longer ranged radar guided missiles to my advantage in this situation.
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