Israeli airforce F-15C 133SQDN

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Israeli airforce F-15C 133SQDN

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Israeli airforce F-15C 133SQDN

An Israeli Airforce livery in threetone camouflage with the 133sqdn "Twin Tail Knights" tailmarkings
(Normally the 133sqdn operates greytone F-15's so the threetone camouflage is borrowed from the F-15I Raam 69 "Hammers" squadron from Htzerim)


To install the IAF F-15 133sqdn livery follow my instruction ;

1 : Extract the rar file to your desktop
2 : Browse to the folder where you installed your DCS World 2 OpenAlpha or 1.5 OpenBeta
3 : Open the following folders Bazar/Liveries/F-15C/
4 : Drop the IAF F-15 133sqdn folder that you unrarred earlier there
5 : Ingame select the livery on one of the following nations ;
5 : Enjoy  

If you like my work then leave a message on the forum or let me know.
I hope you enjoy flying the IAF F-15 133sqdn

Greetings Mainstay

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