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DCS: World 2.0

Area 51

subido por - Zbenesch
Fecha - 03.12.2015 10:28:10
Area 51 is crawling with aliens!
No, wait... It's just Red team.

DCS: world 2.0 required
Flyable aircrafts:
F15C, F86F, A-10C, Su25t, L39C, KA-50, Mig29s, Mig21, Mirage, Su-27

As this is my first mission, please provide any feedback you might find useful.

CAP: Defend Groom Lake airbase. Achieve air superiority.

Ground Attack: Destroy their Patriot site so our ground troops can move in on Creech. Call them via radio when the Patriot site is destroyed.
Should the attack on the Patriot site be unsuccessful via air, the two artillery groups will fire on them once in position. They will arrive in their firing position at 1800 local.
Be aware! US armed patrol is in the area, destroy it before mounting an attack on Creech!

Victory for Red:
1. Destroy US armored patrol.
2. Destroy Patriot site at Creech, then escort Convoy and ensure they get inside Creech.
At lease one unit must survive from the ground troops that were called in.

CAP: Follow FP, provide CAP for A2G and eliminate anything that would threaten the success of the A2G package.

CAS: Kill artillery convoy 1 and 2 enroute from Groom lake airbase.

Destruction of the HVTs (4 vehicles among the troops at WP6) Jaguar JTAC is unlocked for further assistance.

SEAD: Suppress enemy Air defenses at Groom lake.

KA-50: Destroy all targets at WP 5-6-7, then assist CAS.

Victory for Blue:
1. Kill both Artillery groups around Groom lake.
2. Destroy the SA-10 Site at Area 51.
3. (Optional) Destroy HVTs west of Laplace to unlock JTAC Jaguar

Update: AWACS are available for both sides (call via F10) one-time use.
Added JTAC for US side (to find arty convoys) after 30 minutes Jaguar (Predator) will spawn if the HVT group is destroyed and more than 15 minutes of mission time has passed.
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