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P-51D Mustang

Brazilian Air Force P-51D - Fictional v3

Tipo - Livrea
subido por - Sidney
Fecha - 18.04.2015 20:39:51
Brazilian Air Force P-51D Skin with WWII P-47D Thunderbolt symbols Version 3 (no brightness)

Brazilian Air Force never fly with P-51D in WWII.  FAB used P-47D in north of Italy, the P-47D number 226756 now rest in front of expeditionary museum in my home tow Curitiba. The 226756 flyed 99 missions in north of Italy.

Installation: Just unzip and pu the folder inside C:\program files\eagle dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\P-51D

This is version 3, update in june, 5, 2015.  Only Small improvements in textures.



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