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[UH-1H] Assault on Pyatigorsk - Vietnam Edit - Co8

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The 19th Cavalry is conducting an assault on Pyatigorsk to clear the NVA's air defenses deployed across the city.

The UH-1H 1st Squadron will be in charge of refueling and rearming the artillery and conduct MEDEVAC operation if requested.

As a pilot of the 19th Calvary 1st Squadron your primary task will be to supply ammo and fuel to FOB's X-Ray and Sierra for the artillery upthere.
During the assault you might be diverted and tasked with MEDEVAC.

**FOB X-Ray needs 10 cargos to be fully operational
**FOB Sierra needs 6 cargos to be fully operational
**The ground forces will launch the assault once both X-Ray and Sierra have reached half operational capacity.
**Mission is over when both FOBs are resupplied and Pyatigorsk is cleared.

19th Cavalry 1st Squadron :
4 Slicks (unarmed)
2 MEDEVAC (unarmed)
2 CAS (Armed)

ONLY slick hueys can pick up troops from the FOB's
ONLY MEDEVACs hueys can answer MEDEVACs call
ONLY CAS hueys can carry weapons

Sling Load Operations:
-Use your radio (F-6) to sel ect a cargo
-Fly towards the red smoke
-Either hover above (12ft-22ft) or land within 5ft of the cargo.

4 cargo types :
-2 Containers (750 Kg)
-2 Generator (600 Kg)
-7 Ammo Boxes (400 Kg)
-4 Fuel Barrels (350 Kg)

Default Keys :
-Manual Hook/Unhook  =RShift+RCtrl+L
-Auto Hook/Unhook = RShift+RCtrl+K
-External Sling Load Camera = Lshift+Lctrl+C
-Cargo Indicator : RShift+RCtrl+P

Troop Pickup/Dropoff:
Land on the pad of the FOB to automatically load a squad
Use your radio (F-10) to unload a squad anywhere needed

MEDEVAC Operation:
Once the assault as begun you will receive evacuation request fr om wounded troops on the battlefield.
Use the appropriate MEDEVACs helos and bring the casualties back to the MASH
load/unload is automatic

Escort other aircraft during their resupply and MEDEVAC operations.

Helipads & Cargo by Upuaut:

Vietnam Modification by Starway :

19th Cavalry & RED 3 liveries by Skulleader:

DIscussion thread : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=141268
Mission made by EightBall
"Dynamic Medevac Script" by RagnarDa
"Complete Troop Transport Script" by Geloxo (Ciribob Edit)

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