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Border Cross

类型 - 联机任务
上传者 - RRaf
日期 - 2014-07-06 16:53:23
Multiplayer mission for:
3x A-10C
2x Ka-50

BorderCross v1

19th Sept, 19.00: A group of tourists have been declared lost in the hills north of Mukrani, in Georgia.

20th Sept, 13.00: The lost tourists has been found and they have refuged in Dusheti now.

21th Sept, 07.00: Some georgian local hunters of Dusheti are reporting of hostile vehicles moving in the streets. Some viral video on the internet about the vehicles marching to the city is alerting the public opinion.

21th Sept, 14.00: Scouting reveals numerous defenses spread in the area: the government reaction is to prepare a cleansing mission. Contact with Dusheti as been lost in the meanwhile, firearms could be heared from the city.

21th Sept, 17.15: Mission start
It's not clear from which border the enemy crossed, so the mission will carefully deal only with the georgian territory and the defense of its area.

2x Ka-50, 3x A-10C

- A-10C are required.

- A-10C will clear the zone for SPH, AAA and small SAMs.
- Ka-50 will escort the M1A1 convoy to destination (Dusheti).

- Use the F10 menu items to start/stop the convoy.
- Crossing South Ossetian border near Ikoti will activate enemy figthers.

- Beware of air traffic in Tbilisi-Lochini. Contact ATC@138AM.

=== Ka-50 ===

The task for the helicopters is to clear the way for the convoy (at WP1), codenamed "Alpha-1". Following waypoints indicate the path for the convoy to scout for enemies. Destination is Dusheti.

The area is covered with enemy AAA and IR-SAMs, plus a single Radar SAM is active in the zone. Call A-10C for clearing on these enemy units.

=== A-10C ===

There is a single radar SAM active in the zone, marked by the "ENEMY SAM" WP (for A-10C).

All other threats in the WP list must be eliminated by the A-10 squadrons, including SHORADs and SPHs.

A-10C Targets (out of flight plan):

DO NOT CROSS the south ossetian border near Ikoti. The enemy will be alerted if you do. SAMs would be suddenly activated, and fighters AI will start hunting you.
You will need to get close to the border in order to eliminate the "ENEMY SPH 2" target, but do so with missiles while keeping at range.
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