Tiger's AI patch: fix MAV launch and others

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Tiger's AI patch: fix MAV launch and others

类型 - 插件
作者 - tigerrrrr
日期 - 2011-04-10 19:20:33
-Detection distance for ground targets (tanks) increased from 5500 to 12000 (visual detection)
5500 is good for Black Shark, but A-10 is much faster and have TGP.

-Precipitation, Fog and Overcast detection test disabled.
AI can see through clouds fog and rain not decrease detection range. This can fix error with wingmans radio. When he was on attack run and lost visual contact with target, he still repeated "rejoin".

-Minimal Missile launch interval set to 4.0s for all skill levels
Trained monkey can launch missiles that fast.

-Maximal missile launch distance set to 0.9
Fix early missile explosion.

Wingman defend himself against SAM on every skill level

-Missile evasion is set to true for all skills levels.
Nobody will die without fight Even average AI

-Missile launch logic rewrited from level attack to normal attack
Wingman shoot misiles from long range and current altitude.


This patch fix wingmans missile launch,early missile explosion ,increase detection range for AI, change missile evasion, and multiple missile launch speed.
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