B-17G/PB-1 US NAVY Flying Fortress *Update v2.0*

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B-17G/PB-1 US NAVY Flying Fortress *Update v2.0*

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日期 - 2023-06-02 21:01:38
Included are two skins:
B-17G/PB-1 US NAVY Generic

The Boeing PB-1 was the US Navy designation for the B-17 Flying Fortress. 48 ex-USAAF B-17Gs were acquired by the navy during 1945, to be used for patrol and air-sea rescue missions. In order to give more warning against Japanese attacks, 32 B-17Gs were used by the Navy under the designation PB-1W, the suffix -W indicating an airborne early warning role. A large radome for an S-band AN/APS-20 search radar was fitted underneath the fuselage and additional internal fuel tanks were added for longer range. Navy Squadron VPB-101 received its first PB-1 (without radar) in September 1945, the month after Japan had surrendered, and its first radar equipped PB-1W in January 1946. PB-1Ws continued in USN service until 1955.

Update v2.0

Added some detailes and changed the weathering.

Put the Liveries in the following directory:
D:\DCS OpenBeta\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\tech\WWII Units\Liveries\B-17G
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