P-51D - Royal Australian Air Force Mega Pack v1.0

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P-51D - Royal Australian Air Force Mega Pack v1.0

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作者 - Strider32
日期 - 2022-09-19 16:56:46
P-51D - Royal Australian Air Force Mega Pack v1.0

This livery package contains 21 paint schemes, representing the P-51D in Royal Australian Air Force service from 1945 to 1959. Most of the details have been produced using period photographs of the subject matter and have many features and details accurate to the real aircraft. Some aircraft are a general representation of a particular squadron, due to a large variety of markings and finishes.


20/9/2022 - Initial Release


Towards the end of World War II, the RAAF we're looking to field the then brand new P-51 Mustang. Australia had signed an agreement to produce the aircraft at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) at Fisherman's Bend, Victoria. These aircraft were designated CA-17 & CA-18 Mustang. Australia had also purchased North American Aviation produced P-51Ds & P-51Ks. These Mustangs were ordered and produced too late to see combat in the Pacific Theatre.

The Australian operated Mustangs had a few small changes implemented on the CAC production line and by North American Aviation. Most notable of these changes are different wheels and brakes, airspeed indicators in knots and fuel gauges marked in imperial gallons. The NAA aircraft only had the metric airspeed indicators.

Most of the NAA produced aircraft were sent to Japan post-war for occupational duties and participated in the Korean War until they were replaced with the Gloster Meteor. The locally produced aircraft were used by RAAF fighter squadrons back in Australia until 1959. A portion of the retired Mustangs were purchased by civilian operators and some shipped to the USA, where they still fly today.


Accurate Markings
Custom RoughMets
Custom Normal Maps (Thanks to PorcoRosso)
Custom Cockpit Textures (Knots & Imperial Gallons conversions)
Custom Pilot Textures
Other CAC Specific Changes
Variety of Time Periods Represented


Users will download the ZIP file from this site. Within the ZIP file is a PDF readme which contains install instructions and a Google Drive link. It is important to READ THE NOTES as there are some special instructions for this livery package.


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