British Army Air Corps Desert Livery Pack

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British Army Air Corps Desert Livery Pack

类型 - 涂装
上传者 - Septimus68
日期 - 2022-05-22 16:28:16
Fictional British Army Air Corps desert livery multi-skin pack.

Fictional (but plausible) British Army desert livery for the Apache.

This livery uses the official 'Army Brown' paint scheme adopted by the British Army in 2013 for vehicles in desert deployment zones. I also dirtied them up slightly for a more 'rough and ready' appearance. Payloads and radar dome have been reskinned to match.

This pack contains one default livery with a blank tail number, plus six others with fictional tail numbers ZJ234-239. This follows on from the current sequence of real-life British Army Apaches which have tail numbers up to ZJ233. The actual tail numbers ZJ234-239 correspond to a series of de-registered Bell Griffin HT1's.

Crew textures use the default MTP camo, with pilot wings, crew patch and NATO tactical recognition flash.


Have fun flying.
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