F-14B Tomcat 'Witch Doctors' CAG (Fictional VF-14)

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DCS: World 2.7

F-14B Tomcat 'Witch Doctors' CAG (Fictional VF-14)

类型 - 涂装
作者 - Nuffbutter
日期 - 2022-01-18 04:45:22
Opfor and their aircraft are a plague upon the sky, and the "Witch Doctors" keep their distance from their targets as they strike them down. Nicknamed "social distanced phoneix slingers", their CAG bird evolves upon their unique two-tone livery with iconic blue markings. This is a fictional F-14B livery intended for use in the Crowns Royal missions, which takes place in the strange real universe. This is a fictional VF-14 and does in no what intend to represent the real world squadron.

I do not consent to any modification of these files by any downloading party without first confirming with me. special thanks to _yaesakura_ for letting me use his exquisite template as a starting point for these jets.

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