Ustio Air Force A-10C - Ace Combat Zero (27th AFU)

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A-10C Warthog
Ustio Air Force A-10C - Ace Combat Zero (27th AFU)

Ustio Air Force A-10C - Ace Combat Zero (27th AFU)

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Ace Combat Zero, Hildesvini Squadron, Ustio Air force, 6th Air division, 27th air Force Unit

[Pilot data in description]

[Pilot Data]
Aircraft No.048
Cpt. George Holland
Hildesvini 1
Age 39
Status: Survived

After a short stint in the OADF Holland joined up with the foreign mercenary forces in pursuit of better pay, taking part in several conflicts throughout the 1980’s.
At the beginning of The Belkan War he was assigned to lead the 27th Air Force Unit, which would play a crucial role in slowing the advance of Belkan ground forces
after the fall of Directus and took part in numerous other operations throughout the conflict. Holland would survive the war without injury but on December 25, 1995
he was caught in a bomb blast while scrambling to his aircraft when Valais Air Base came under attack from the XB-0 Hresvelgr gunship. He survived the bombing but was
still badly injured losing most of his left leg and becoming partially blind as well, unable to continue his career as a pilot he moved back to Osea after recovering
from his injuries and now lives and works on his family's ranch.

[Pilot Data]
Aircraft No.029
Lt. Kelemen Attila
Hildesvini 2
Age: 29
Status: MIA

Discharged from Ratio Air Defence Force for "a small misunderstanding" as he put it, though the details of the event have not been disclosed. After his discharge he
began looking for mercenary work, lucky enough The Belkan War had just started and the Ustian government was hiring. After arriving in country he was assigned to
the 27th Air Force Unit under Cpt. George Holland and would do his part throughout the war demonstrating his exceptional, though arrogant, skill and flying style
that would come to annoy his squadron mates. On May 17, 1995 his unit participated in Operation Hell Bound, while attacking targets in and around Area Tower Attila's
aircraft was heavily damaged by anti-aircraft fire. The last record of his communication log stated that he had suffered damage and was going to return to base.
His aircraft never made it back to base, most likely succumbing to the damage crashing somewhere in the mountains. Until the war ended his status was set as
missing in action and it wasn’t until after the end of the war that his status was changed to presumed dead.

[Pilot Data]
Aircraft No.057
Lt. Logan Keller
Hildesvini 3
Age 36
Status: KIA

Little is known about Lt. Keller's past or service history before he joined the 6th Air Division aside from official Osean records stating he was formerly an
Osean Marine Corps Aviator.  While he was reserved and typically kept to himself when off mission, he displayed an incredibly focused but aggressive fighting style
that earned him the respect of other pilots. He served with the 27th Air Force Unit for the whole of the war, from the first offensive strikes on Futuro Canal,
recapture of Bozdar air base, taking Glatisant during Operation Hell Bound, providing support to the bombers over Hoffnung, and finally an operation over Belka’s
northeast coast sometime after the war officially ended. [Details of this operation are classified.]
On December 25, 1995 Valais Air Base came under attack from the organization A World With No Boundaries and their XB-0 Hresvelgr gunship, while scrambling to his
aircraft along with Cpt. Holland they were caught in an explosion killing Keller and seriously wounding Holland. His remains were later returned to his family in Osea.
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