FC3 F-15C AIM-7 Sparrow Loft Range Increase

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DCS: World 2.5

FC3 F-15C AIM-7 Sparrow Loft Range Increase

类型 - 插件
上传者 - DigitalCashew
日期 - 2019-07-18 01:51:44
So we all know that the Sparrow is an awful dogfighting missile. By default, it is set to loft until the target is within 5 NM. That is way to close. At that range, you should have already switched to sidewinders. The FC3 F-15C also has no option to disable lofting.

So this mod changes the AIM-7M/MH minimum lofting range to ~10 NM (The missile will not loft if the target is within 10 NM). All the other Sparrows are set to not loft by default (At least from the code it looks like it does. IDK does anyone actually use the E/F Sparrow anyways?!)

I tested this mod at Mach 1.2, against a head-on su-27, no chaff in su-27, su-27 was dodging, su-27 at Mach 1, and at angels 20 and 6.
Also, an A-10C at angels 6, A-10 no chaff, A-10 was dodging.

It seemed like this mod made the Sparrow a lot more viable for within visible range engagements.

Please let me know if anything goes wrong! I will try to fix bugs ASAP.

WARNING. This mod will change the Sparrow for all planes. F/A-18 and F-14 users beware.
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