RAAF F/A-18C 77SQN Dark Grey A21-20

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DCS: World 2.5

RAAF F/A-18C 77SQN Dark Grey A21-20

类型 - 涂装
作者 - tromac
日期 - 2019-07-11 09:43:49
RAAF F/A-18C 77SQN A21-20 Dark Grey

A21-20 was a Block 19 A model Hornet delivered to the RAAF on 10/12/1987. This paint scheme was in use for 6-7 years.

Info from ADF Serials:
In Service 77 Sqn 16/07/02. Participant of Pitch Black 2002.
Was in Service 77 Sqn 2003.
Deployed to the Gulf (based in Qatar?) on operations Bastille and Falconer with 75 Sqn (or a composite unit based on 75 Sqn) 08/02/2003-15/05/2003, in 77 Sqn markings, but the grumpy monkey was replaced by a backwards facing magpie at some stage. Missions undertaken by RAAF Hornets between 20 March and 2 May 2003 ranged from defensive counter-air (DCA) to close air support (CAS), and strike. Noted in a photograph as having markings which indicated 3 bombing missions.
Upgraded to HUG Phase 2.
In Service 77 Sqn 28/03/2006.
In Service 3 Sqn 03/2007.
Part of Green Lions Display Team at Avalon 2007.

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