Finnish Air Force F-18C Skin Pack v.1.2

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DCS World 2.8

Finnish Air Force F-18C Skin Pack v.1.2

类型 - 涂装
上传者 - Kapsu
日期 - 2018-12-12 18:13:02
Realistic Finnish Air Force F-18C Hornet skins.

- v.1.1.2: Grey helmet for pilot. ED changed default helmet to white which is incorrect for FiAF, fixed.
- v.1.1.3: Added to USA too for MP purposes.
- v.1.1.4: New helmet texture. Uses the new default helmet texture since old one is bugged.
- v.1.2: Added searchlight (credits Megalax for the texture), captain bars and some other minor tweaks.
- v. 1.2.1: Fixed bort numbers for DCS 2.8.4.

I wasn't very happy with the default FiAF F-18 skin so i decided to do my own and make it as realistic as i possibly can. These skins feature more realistic less feathered look, authentic custom numbers, realistic warning texts/markings for most parts including custom "no step" markings, finnish flag and FiAF Hornet driver patch for the pilot and so on. All of these skins have dynamic bort numbers with 2 digits (HN-4XX) even though only few aircrafts have any squadron or other markings in reality. HävLLV 21 and 31 skins will override the default Finnish skins respectively so those who don't have this skin istalled will see you with default Finnish skin in multiplayer, and vice versa.

This pack contains following skins:
Finland Standard - standard FiAF skin without any squadron markings.

Finland HävLLv11 - Hävittäjälentolaivue 11 (Fighter Squadron 11) with wisent on the nose. Lapland Air Command, Rovaniemi. HN-411 and HN-423 have wisent marking IRL.

Finland HävLLv21 - Hävittäjälentolaivue 21 with osprey on the nose. Satakunta Air Command, Tampere- Pirkkala. HN-440 and HN-450 have Osprey marking on nose IRL.

Finland HävLLv31 - Hävittäjälentolaivue 31 with lynx on the tail. Karelia Air Command, Rissala, Kuopio. Only HN-431 has lynx on the tail IRL.

Finland HävLLv31(24) - Old school lynx on the nose, insignia of the ww2 era Lentolaivue 24, which is predecessor of the HävLLv31. HN-424 only IRL.

Finland 'Kreivi von Rosen' - Krevi von Rosen text on the tail. Swedish Count Eric von Rosen donated Finnish Air Force it's very first aircraft on March 1918. HN-457 only IRL.

*NOTE* Install to your Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/FA-18C_hornet folder so the default skins won't get over written, like i said these will override the default ones.
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