Persian Gulf SAM, EWR, and Strategic Infrastructure (V 0.99.2)

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DCS: World 2.5

Persian Gulf SAM, EWR, and Strategic Infrastructure (V 0.99.2)

类型 - 单机任务
上传者 - P. Arnold
日期 - 2018-07-25 03:22:03
Current real-to-life SAM and EWR sites for Iran and the UAE as well as Iranian Infrastructure I have deemed to be strategically important to Iran.

This is a work in progress.

All SAM batteries are placed with exact numbers of launcher for each site as they are in real life for Iran and the UAE/USA.

All SAM sites should be active and working.

I have placed all SAM sites within the detailed map areas only. These sites are based on actual IMINT. I have personally gone into Google Earth for each site to lay it out as true-to-life as possible down to number of launchers per site as well as the location and orientation for each launcher. Where HQ-2 sites are in real life, I am using HAWK batteries. I've also placed triggers as points of reference for empty but built up HAWK sites (also based on real intel). While these sites are currently inactive as of July 2018, with short notice they can be made operational if Iran's air defense branch deems necessary.

Sites of strategic importance will be added over time as further research is done. To start, I have currently marked the most important power production plants in the area and plan to expand further with sites such as military bases, barracks, and other similar sites. These sites are also marked with triggers in proper locations for mission makers to go in and add static buildings or whatever you would like.

Please feel free to to use and edit this to your desire. However, to keep things consistent I would ask that you do not re-upload or redistribute an edited version.

**Version 0.99**
-All Iranian SAM and EWR Sites within map area have been placed
-All UAE Patriot Sites have been placed
-Added a few more strategic sites
-Added Qatari Patriot Site
-All SAM sites for redfor and bulfor are set to excellent difficulty
-Coalitions are proper including USAF Aggressors for Redfor
-Added a few more strategic infrastructure sites
-Deleted markings for empty HAWK sites (will add them back in next update)

**Version 0.99.1**
-Updated to SA-2
-Added Silkworm sites
-Added more important infrastructure sites

**Version 0.99.2**
-Added current airbase roster for Iran and UAE
-Added important ports for Iran and UAE
-Added Important power production plants for UAE
-Added ASW sites for Iran
-Added Military production sites for Iran
-Added markers for Saudi SAM sites (I will place SAMs if ED updates that area)
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