Spanish A.F. Ala 15 25th Anniversary v2.0

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DCS: World 2.5

Spanish A.F. Ala 15 25th Anniversary v2.0

类型 - 涂装
上传者 - watermanpc
日期 - 2018-06-23 12:40:33
This is the Spanish A.F. Ala 15 25th anniversary skin with tiger motifs. update v 2.0

Very detailed and accurate 25th anniversary skin of the Spanish Air Force Ala 15. It features:

-Detailed tiger motifs.
-High quality decals.
-Detailed specific roughmets maps for materials.
-Fuel tanks skins and roughmet material for them.
-Adjusted nozzles color and internals.
-Very detailed and adecuate weathering with proper material representation.

Update v1.1:

-Added correct "no step" warning stickers on horizontal stabs, flaps and borders of attack.
-Added pilot custom helmet with weathering effect (also custom roughmet map for it).
-Refined External tanks roughmet map.
-Added dust over cockpit dashboard and improved vent holes (also included in roughmet map).
-Refined and realistic for this unit engine nozzles.
-Increased detail for many zones of rivets and joints (also for the roughmet map).
-Added some new details.
-Improved Roughmets maps with new weathering effects.

Update 2.0:

-Added all remaining access doors tags and their respective paint clearance. This was possible thanks to the GREAT job made by "Luft" and his improved template. Thanks mate!!
-Refined some fuselage lines visibility.
-Added new realistic and improved nozzles with proper customization for this unit.
-Corrected some decals to better match the ones on this unit.
-Corrected some decals size issues.

**Note: Screens have been updated to latest version 2.0.

******Note: A few hours after uploading the 2.0 version I noticed I used a wrong file (LERX ladder text inverted, missing arrow mark and color adjustment) so I reuploaded again with the good one. Some screens are also affected but the one focusing on the cockpit is fine. If your skin is missing these elements please download again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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