AV-8B Full Checklist Kneeboard Set Ver 1.0.2

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AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
AV-8B Full Checklist Kneeboard Set Ver 1.0.2

AV-8B Full Checklist Kneeboard Set Ver 1.0.2

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作者 - assafm25
日期 - 12.08.2018 10:03
Full AV-8B Checklist / KneeBoard set

Update 1.0.1
Add A Pre-Start Check List

Update 1.0.2
Add Tack off / Landing Charts

Hi All ,

I am proud to present my last Knee board set Project
And this time - AV-8B .
Made by using Full Documentation made by The Great Chuck Manual and the original IAI Kfir c10 as a reference.

How to use :
1. Use it as a printed document and made your own aircraft Check list book .
2 .Extract the file to C:\Users\***Your Username***\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\AV8BNA and us it as a IN Game Knee board Shift+K.

Include :
- Pre-Start
- Startup
- Taxi
- Tack-off (CTO/VTO/STO)
- Caution Panel
- Landing (CL/VL)
- TACAN Navigation
- AN/AAQ-28
- Laser Code
- AGM-65s
- Rocket/GAU-12
- AGM-122
- A/A AIM-9M
- Stores Jettison
-  RWR

If u founds any mistake please let me know and i will do my best to fix it .

Thank a lot to Chuck and RedKite for great work and for Them let me publish this work to the community.

Hope U found it use Full  .

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