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DCS: World 1.5

Armament Upgrades Pack for DCS Aircrafts

类型 - 插件
上传者 - F0GxLiGhT
日期 - 2017-07-19 00:37:29
This mod brings BVR of DCS to a whole new era, more balanced! More advanced! And most of all more fun on the weapon choice you get to pick,

List of the Aircrafts that has been modified with this mod:

F-15C, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29S, A-10A, Mirage-2000C

List of armament and missiles that has been added to to the aircrafts:

Aim-9x, Aim-54 Phoenix, R-33, R-37, Aim-120B, Aim-120C, Matra Magic II missiles with an active A-G mode for the F-15C, including un-guided rockets and bombs.

And of course two separate modpacks, for those who only want the R-77 and the Aim-9x (Realistic Mode).
And those who want the entire modpack including the long range missiles the Aim-54, R-33 and R-37.

This mod add the follow missiles to the 'Flaming Cliffs 3' DLC Aircrafts:

1-A-10A                Aim-9x.

2-F-15C                Aim-9x, Magic Matra II, Aim-54 Phoenix.

3-Su-27                R-77, R-33, R-37

4-Su-33                R-77, R-33, R-37

5-MiG-29s            R-33, R-37

The mod is JSGME compatible, all you gotta do is pick and activate one of the modpack folders you want fr om "Missile Armament Upgrades" folder
you got, then put it along side the rest of your mods.

Just in case you're not using any mod launcher and you're worried you're not gonna be able to revert back to the vanila version of the game
I got you, I have listed a backup (original) files folder by the mod folder, all you gotta do is copy that files inside of it, to the main
directory files of the game same goes if you wanted to apply the mod.


Copy Mods into the Mods folder from your game directory (e.g. D:\\DCS World\Mods) (Copy and merge).
Copy Scripts into the Scripts folder from your game directory (e.g. D:\\DCS World\Scripts) (Copy and merge).

No bugs were encountered during the process of this mod (AA Missiles-wise Only), meaning, all of the previous issues regarding the 'No Chaff/Flare',
'False Missile Cue', 'Unkown Missile Names Either on MFD or HUD' has been worked on.

Now this mod was created out of nothing, the only mod(s) I have used that did not belong to me were the mods of the R-33 and the R-37
that was created and published by "sreventon" and so I do not claim any copyright regarding these missile modules, and if it wasn't for this god of a guy
I wouldn't be able to create the balance between the two faction armament combination.

Now last and the most important...

This mod was created specifically for the 1.5.7 version of DCS, I am not sure if the mod's going to work on a newer version of the game, whether it's
a newer update or it's 2.1.



--Mod Release.


--Separated the modpack into two other modpack folders based on players preferences:

1- For those who only want the medium range missiles such as (R-77 and Aim-9x) -- NO LONGER RANGE MISSILES Refer to the *Folder: (Without (Long Range Missiles))*.

2- For those who want the whole modpack (R-77, R-33, R-37, Aim-54 Phoenix, Aim-9x Sidewinder) -- Refer to the *Folder: (With(Long Range Missiles))*.


--Added a special feature for those who like Air-to-Ground (A-G) mode for the F-15C with multiple bombs and rockets for CAS (NO AGMs!) matching
the same multirolling capabilities the Russian aircrafts have, press ("7") to activate it.

--Added a CAS role for the mission editor so you can be able to tweak around with the mission params, to enable the engagement of ground targets.

Things to have in mind trying this feature:

--Activated the Helmet Mounted Display option (Doesn't work) Reason: No Avionics Support.

--Activated the TV/FLIR/Laser/Night Vision Displays and Devices (Don't work) Reason: No Avionics Support.

--Activated the Optical Electronic Scanning mode ("O") (Doesn't work) Reason: No Avionics Support.

--Activated the Gunsight Reticle Mode ("9")(Doesn't work) Reason: No Avionics Support.

*Known Issues*

--MFD glitches and can't switch to A-G mode so it's up to you to focus on the vertical bomb line or the Rocket imapct reticle on the HUD that's the only way.
--MFD does not detect the bombs/rockets names or modules, not even shows the "Unknown" sign, instead it shows a blank, tried my best to fix it but couldn't (Maybe someone can help me with this)?
--You cannot switch between bombs and rockets if you have both of them equipped at the same time, everytime you do that it'll put you out of the selected (AG) mode, so it's best to equip each separately at missions (Bombs only or Rockets only)!!


--Added the AMRAAM US Missile pack to the Mirage 2000C. (Missiles don't work. Reason: No avionics support for AMRAAMs).
(Known issue(s) in details: The missiles are detected as fuel tanks on the MFD, and cannot lock or fire, maybe someone could help me find a workaround to that).

--Added the Magic Matra II medium/long range IR missiles to the F-15C.


--Fixed the AMRAAM Issue with the Mirage-2000C now it should be able to equip them with no issues at all!


--Fixed the joystick control issues wh ere axis weren't being able to use.

****Note: Use only one of the two mentioned folders, and please try to not use these missiles on public servers with/on other people :PP
But seriously though, you might get a server ban for this, enjoy and mod safely.****

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