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Operation Northern Darkness v1.1

类型 - 联机任务
上传者 - UnsurpassedCheese
日期 - 2012-12-13 09:32:20
SU-25T, SU-25 A10C, A10A Compatible

*Updates in 1.1*

* 2 more SU-25T's added and given SEAD role
* 4 SU-25's Added
* Labels enabled by default, but can be disabled with LShift +F9
* Convoy is now larger, and better protected
* Tank groups will begin advancing on Martvili if Convoy is not destroyed
* Each artillery site now spawns in one of three random locations
* Updated weather, Info provided in briefing
* "Merciless" version included with zip. A higher-difficulty mode featuring:
    - Deactivated labels
    - Considerably larger enemy presence, including more AA
    - SAM site in GH62 (secondary objective) is 'very' active
    - Enemy groups have realistic formation and composition (Thanks to Stuka for templates)

Martvili is under siege from enemy artillery. The pressure needs to be lifted off the forces inside the town before a counter-attack can begin.  Take a wing of CAS to locate and eliminate the artillery sites.

This is an Easy CAS mission designed for 3-5 players.

Primary Objective

* Eliminate the 3 Artillery sites surrounding Martvili.

* Armour is assembling near Chkhorotsku. Take out as much as you can.

Secondary Objectives

* Locate and destroy an inactive SAM site somewhere in GH62.

* A convoy is moving to supply the tank group, destroy the shipment before it can reach its destination.
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