Improved HOTAS Warthog Configuration (Throttle only)

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DCS: World
A-10C Warthog
Improved HOTAS Warthog Configuration (Throttle only)

Improved HOTAS Warthog Configuration (Throttle only)

类型 - 设备位置
作者 - v2Tec
日期 - 22.11.2012 02:05
Improved HOTAS Warthog Profile for DCS A10C (World) including LED control and zooming with slider

This TARGET profile is almost the same as the standard profile for the Throttle of the HOTAS Warthog System. Whats new:
- Slider on the right side now works as zooming (doesn't work with the standard profile and LED on)
- LED on, when engine is not idle
- LED indicator for flaps state
- LED indicator for apu on / off
- LED indicator for BOAT switch (external lights on / off)
- LED indicator for Air-Brake activated

How to install?
- Just copy this file in your TARGET profile directory, choose and load

When activated, TARGET replaces the standard HOTAS Throttle thru the Thrustmaster combined control. In DCS World, choose the column for this device and load the standard Thrustmaster Throttle profile into it. That's it. Because the Buttons of this TARGET profile are identically, there shouldn't be a problem.

Have fun and use it at your own risk.
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