Steel Winter, the Single Player Experience Mission 6 (for release ver 1.5.5)

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DCS: World 1.5

Steel Winter, the Single Player Experience Mission 6 (for release ver 1.5.5)

类型 - 单机任务
上传者 - Winston60
日期 - 2017-01-15 08:51:48
Mission Six of Steel Winter - an ongoing Singleplayer missions project for A-10C's and A-10A's

Steel Winter is a series of interconnected singleplayer co-op missions for A-10A and A-10C pilots. This mission was built in Ver 1.5.5 release using the mission editor only, no additional scripting. No mods are required.

This will be the last mission for now. I may continue with this at a later date after spending some time with the US Navy Squadron Su-33 Carrier Ops missions.

The Situation:
The General is on the move! Satellite surveillance has spotted 4 identical convoys moving out from Kobuleti in all directions. Intel is positive he's in a vehicle in one of those convoys... but we don't know which one! Your A-10's are armed with Mavericks, LGB's(A-10C), Iron Bombs(A-10A) and, of course, Guns. We have exhausted our supply of cluster bombs. You may start engines whenever you want, but DO NOT leave your hangars until after the voice briefing. The Predator drones will spot the convoys for you as they leave Kobuleti and disperse. Fly towards your waypoint 2 and make contact with the first drone. Once you have destroyed the first convoy, follow instructions and proceed to the next available drone. To contact any of the other drones when they arrive, just fly close to them.

Depart from Kutaisi airbase and with help from the Drones, hunt down and kill the General. Senaki-Kolkhi airbase can be used as an alternate airbase to Repair, Rearm and Refuel. At mission end, after landing at Kutaisi, look for the Easter Egg at the NorthEast parking revetment. Taxi to a position near the Comms tower/revetment.

Kudos to the Voice Actors who provide a unique service by producing recordings to make this campaign more fun. Their efforts greatly increase the immersion of the mission. Listen carefully for their announcements as these are your instructions on what to do.

Voice overs:
* Kimi "Sockmonkey" Hahn .... as 'Freak Show'
* ViKe .............................................. as 'Big Mac'
* Glenn "Apache600" Lilley .... as 'Viking'
* Bil "Bingo" Clark ...................... as 'High Roller 6'
* Micah ........................................... as 'Nacho'
** Do Not use my voiceover files in any other missions created for DCS. It's not fair to the hard work of the actors and to the hours I have spent to coordinate with the actors and to produce these voice files.

* Sorry but only the A-10A mission has been tested. If anyone finds any bugs in the A-10C version, please report them in the topic url given below.

In the .zip file I've provided two versions, one for A-10A and one for the A-10C. In each version you will fly with two AI wingmen. Both missions are constructed so that if you die or lose your wingmen, you can respawn in a new A-10 with 2 new wingmen. Simply choose "Flight 1" at first, then "Flight 2" to get fresh aircraft, then back to "Flight 1" if necessary.

Filename for A-10A mission: SteelWinterSingleA-6.miz
Filename for A-10C mission: SteelWinterSingleC-6.miz

Choose your own settings to customize the difficulty for your skill level, although I have locked "Fog of War" on the F10 Map setting, and civil traffic at "low".

I hope you find this entertaining. This set of interconnected missions is being built out of love for the A-10A which we fly often in our group and, of course, I didn't want to leave out the A-10C's.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed, as well as bug reports and you may ask for help or playtips at the discussion topic here:
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