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KC-135 SKINPACK Update 2020

类型 - 涂装
上传者 - Easypeac3
日期 - 2012-10-02 19:18:55
My skin package of KC-135 liveries redone on my new, detailed template. For the KC-135 and KC-135MPRS! Update 20/12/24

I thought to update my KC-135 liveries like the E-3 i did. I just added some more details and tried to make a spec for it.

Those are all the liveries of my tanker skin pack redone on the new template. I also renewed a lot of the decals, replaced them for more accuracy and so on.
I removed the white under the fuselage on the french and the 100ARW livery.

With this skinpack i also tried to save some space. It shares files like the wings, fuelpod, the specs and for some liveries the markings. The filehub is for both planes in the "171th ARW USAF" folder.

The pack contains following skins:

        - 100th ARW - 58-0113
        - 100th ARW - 62-3551 WWII Heritage skin
        - 100th ARW - 58-0100 (not operational anymore)
        - 100th ARW - 58-0321 (not operational anymore)
        - 127th ARW - 60-0345
        - 128th ARW - 61-0309
        - 134th ARW - 59-1516
        - 136th ARW - 64-8022 (fictional)
        - 161st ARW - 62-3516
        - 171st ARW - 58-0077
        - 916th ARW - 62-3542
        - Armee de l'air - 740
Update 20/12/24

        - Added 2 operational 100th ARW skins
        - Corrected overlapping tail flag on 916th skin
        - Changed all description.lua's for better distinction in ME

If you UPDATE from my 2019 package, make sure to DELETE all the old folders before you copy the new files, as the new package shares files. But just overwrite if you already installed the 2020 pack.

You can delete liveries you don't like. BUT, DO NOT DELETE the "171th ARW USAF" folder, as it contains important shared files. Every other livery can be deleted out of the package.
Of course you can tweak that to your liking. Just study the description.lua's, then you know how to.

As always, if you have some suggestions or accurate references, please write them in the comments. Or PM me on ED forum, my name there is Easy-P.



FIND MY OTHER WORK HERE   ---->   https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?CREATED_BY=Easypeac3&set_filter=Y&PER_PAGE=100
FIND MY PSD'S HERE                ---->   https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/145943-various-ai-templates/?do=findComment&comment=4501269

You will find mostly skins for the AI. Like the E-2, E-3, KC-135, S-3 and some more. And of course there are the desert skins for all ground vehicles. HAVE A LOOK!!!

For content creators and server owners:
If you want to feature any of my skins in a video or use them on your servers, you are FREE to do so. Credits are not really necessary, but of course appreciated.


UPDATE from 2019 pack: Please REMOVE all old folders before you copy the files!!!
UPDATE from 2020 pack: Just overwrite the files!

Installation:  Put the folder "Liveries" from the zip into your "...\Saved Games\DCS\..." or "...Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\...." folder.

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