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Operation Hot Chocolate Mustang Edition

类型 - 单机任务
上传者 - Datek
日期 - 2016-09-23 21:05:09
Operation Hot Chocolate

You are a civilian pilot contracted by the CIA.  Normally they have you flying mysterious cargo around in old prop driven cargo planes, but today they have a special mission for you.

A WW2 era American fighter was recently confiscated from a local crime lord who was a WW2 buff and collector.  We need it transferred to our team stationed at Kutaisi airfield.  It has a couple bombs attached to it and we don't have a qualified crew here to remove it, or an EOD team to dispose of them, so they are going along for the ride with you.

*Updated 12/2016  See description for detailed change notes.

Fly the confiscated P-51D and the bombs from Vaziani airfield to Kutaisi airfield.  Follow any additional instructions from your handler.

Total mission time approx 45 min-1 hour.  Cold start from the ramp, take off, navigate using waypoints, land, and taxi to the specified area.  Additional instructions will be provided.  Includes a ground attack, a story, and a little humor.  Fully voiced.  

*Installation instructions:  Download and place the file in C:/users/(username)/Saved Games/DCS/Missions

Update 12/2016 Adjusted the wind to get ATC on board with the correct taxiway, added some theme music, cleaned up a few minor issues.  Adjusted zone triggers from 'part of group' to 'unit in zone' due to the trigger zone bug in the latest DCS version.
Update 11/2016 Operation Hot Chocolate just got hotter:

-    Added well-spoken Scottish voice actor ‘Deephack’ as Darkwing. https://www.youtube.com/user/deephack
-    Added 39 additional lines of voice acting.
-    Added package delivery notification.
-    Added Bullwinkle’s Command Post.
-    Added a surveillance drone.
-    Added a soldier to the taxiway.
-    Added a few troops to the target area.  Trucks will not disperse now.
-    Changed some vehicle types and nationalities, and adjusted some of their positions.
-    Adjusted some of the waypoint positions.
-    Modified the radio channels and briefing.
-    Removed the optional objective ‘fire a flare’ requirement from the BF-109 version.
-    Secret Squirrel has dismounted her vehicle wearing her best Russian Paratrooper disguise.

Mission discussion thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2965488#post2965488
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