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NL fictional Gazelle livery

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上传者 - 1.JaVA_Platypus
日期 - 2016-05-15 21:51:38
A fictional livery for a Gazelle in the service of the Dutch air-force.

SA342M Gazelle Fictional NL livery

The Gazelle is the descendant of the venerable Alouette II and III helicopters. The Dutch airforce operated a total of 77 of these helicopters. The first examples were introduced in 1964. And until recently, a total of four helicopters were still operational in the so called "Royal Flight" until january 2016. Unfortunatly, the Dutch department of defense never really bothered to find a direct replacement for this magnificient French helicoper. But if they would've done, the Gazelle would be a logical choice.

This livery was adapted from the Fictional German livery that came with the Gazelle upon release. I adjusted the colors so it matched the last known Alouette colors from the Dutch airforce. I added some artwork, including the "Grasshopper" badge from 299 squadron. The registration "A-551" is one above the highest of the Alouette registration in the Dutch airforce.

Credits to Polychop simulations for the German livery.
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