NTTR Tank Busting 101

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DCS: World 2.0
A-10C Warthog
NTTR Tank Busting 101

NTTR Tank Busting 101

类型 - 联机任务
作者 - StrongHarm
日期 - 05.04.2016 12:49
NTTR, Advanced Live Fire, GAU-8 Training Tactics and Procedures.

MP or SP, 4x A-10C

NTTR Live Fire Cannon TTP.  Nellis to Creech.

DarkStar on UHF 251.00
Theater Chatter on FM 30.00

Texaco on UHF 251.00
Bulls 079 for 23 - PA6158
East of target over Hayford Peak

NOTES:  The NTTR version is vastly improved over the Caucuses version and is more challenging.  It is now also fully multiplayer capable and includes real radio chatter from Red Flag, and a rich theater environment.  After NTTR beta is complete, Caucuses version will be decommissioned.
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