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F-15C Energy Maneuverability Diagram Generator

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日期 - 2016-02-22 13:53:47
Energy Maneuverability Diagram Generator for the F-15C, Version 1.1

This Matlab-runtime application generates energy maneuverability diagrams for the McDonnell Douglas F-15C with F100-PW-220 engines.
It includes a flight dynamics model augmented by thrust data which is interpolated for any combination of altitude and gross weight.

The Energy Maneuverability Diagram provides all the key information on the aircraft's level turn performance, instantaneous as well as sustained.
Usage: The user selects desired altitude, aircraft gross weight and max. G and the diagram updates itself. The result may be printed to pdf.

Data Sources:
TO 1F-15A-1 Appendix B,
TO 1F-15E-1,
DCS World,
Aircraft Performance by Maido Saarlas

Version 1.1: load factor input replaced by drag index input.
Use table A1-1 on page A1-5 of TO 1F-15E-1 to determine drag index and weight for your loadout.
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