Operation Poti-Senaki-Kolkhi

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Operation Poti-Senaki-Kolkhi

Operation Poti-Senaki-Kolkhi

类型 - 联机任务
作者 - mnyberg
日期 - 2012-01-28 03:02:39
Following US intervention in the Georgia-crisis, russian forces have invaded the west of Georgia.

A large foces is amassing in Poti and are making a stronghold there.

Destroy all russian forces in Poti.

US forces will then move in.

When Poti is in our control, move on to destroy Senaki-Kolkhi-airfield.

A pretty straightforward mission in two stages with a silly name.

It's loosely based on the actual routes of the russian forces in the Russia-Georgia war.

Plenty of airdefences, and an SA10 that will engage if you don't keep low.

Lots of enemies, so it takes some time to finish. No JTAC. Feel free to add one, though.

Several A10-slots.

Feel free to edit/copy/whatever.

Also, my first upload, so please don't be mean. Any constructive feedback is welcome though.

I hope someone will enjoy it.
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