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A-10C Warthog
"Dawn Patrol" (SP)

"Dawn Patrol" (SP)

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - Bahger
日期 - 20.11.2011 10:10
Intel reports two 8-vehicle columns of Red armor and troop transports maneuvering overnight in villages where we suspect "ethnic cleansing" has been taking place. Red ground forces have avoided engagements with Blue air in the daylight, so we expect these vehicles to drive north at dawn towards the Red base at ZUGDIDI.

TUSK flight (A-10 CAS) will sweep north from Batumi to locate and engage these forces.

UZI flight (Tornado GR4 SEAD) will provide high cover against long-range air defenses in the AO.


UZI: 2x RAF Tornado GR4 SEAD

Mission start:

Uzi will launch from Batumi at 05:05
Tusk will launch from Batumi at 05:09
Pontiac will be on station from 05:00

Command and control:

All package elements will receive mission updates from NATO ground commander (UK) callsign GUNNER.


Batumi ATC: 131.00 VHF AM

All flights will monitor package comms on 124.00 VHF AM.


Ref. tac map.

CAS tasking:

Last known locations of the two Red armored columns are the villages of DGVABA and ZENI at flightplan waypoints 2 and 3. Mission priority for CAS is to find and engage the enemy vehicle columns driving north from the villages before they reach their base at Zugdidi. CAS is NOT cleared to engage these vehicles once they are inside the town in close proximity to the civilian population.

Gunner will provide mission updates once all elements are airborne.


We believe that a Russian BUK (SA-11) long-range SAM launcher with integrated radar and command units has been placed at the north of the AO. The Buk's engagement zone covers Zugdidi and extends south of Tusk flight's waypoints 2 and 3. This precludes all A-10 maneuver in the vicinity of those waypoints until SEAD has eliminated the threat.

Victory conditions:

All enemy vehicles are destroyed before a single vehicle arrives in Zugdidi.

By the time one or more enemy vehicles arrive in Zugdidi, player has destroyed more than 50% of each vehicle group.

By the time one or more enemy vehicles arrive in Zugdidi, player has failed to
destroy more than 50% of each vehicle group.
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