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MiG-21bis HOTAS Warthog profile

类型 - Device Profiles
作者 - achitan
日期 - 2015-01-09 20:44:09
A quick but useful HW profile for one of the best study simulators out there, the MiG-21bis. [fixed]

Hi guys, I just saw that there are no HW profiles out there so I've made one. It contains, in my opinion, all the necessary buttons that can't be looked for in the cockpit while flying.

I've used layering in the following manner: I/O is given by the S3 button while U/M/D is given by the PS switch on the throttle. To make you understand better what my policy was, I will tell you that the U mode (PS in the F position) is for fighting. But you can decipher the file in TARGET (it's not hard).

Furthermore, don't print the profile in Graphic Mode because TARGET won't let you see the sequences on some buttons. Instead, print it in Table Mode.

The S1 button is the weapon selection button. It will go in the clockwise direction over all positions in the MiG-21's weapon selector and then start over from the first position. I didn't make a special selection mode for bombs/rockets, heavy rockets and missiles because S1 is very accessible on the Warthog and you can reach your desired position quite fast.

Hope you like it,

Updated and fixed (20.01.2015)
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